Discrimination Faced by Huey Fairchild In They Come in All Colors by Malcolm Hansen

  • Achmad Choironi Yahya
Keywords: Discrimination, Colored People, White People


Discuss about discrimination that should not only focus on blacks, in fact colored people also experience discrimination. This study aims to examine the issue of discrimination as reflected in the novel They Come in All Colors. Discrimination against colored people arises because white people as the dominant group perceive their racial group as much better than colored people in many aspects of social life. Thus, this study is a literary criticism that focuses on the discrimination against colored people described in the novel. This research is a study of literary criticism because the researcher interprets and analyzes literary works. This study uses a sociological approach to analyze Newman's five forms of discrimination. As well as describing the types of discrimination responses from Joe R. Feagin and Melvin P. This research focuses on literary texts with the theme of discrimination committed by white people. The data are taken from words, phrases, and sentences in the novel They Come in All Colors by Malcolm Hansen. Researcher collect data by identifying and classifying relevant quotes in They Come in All Colors. Then, the researcher analyzed the data by explaining the data related to the theory. This study reveals that there are four forms of discrimination described in They Come in All Colors by Malcolm Hansen, namely verbal expression, avoidance, exclusion, and physical abuse. On the other hand, there are types of responses to discrimination that are used to combat discrimination. First, withdrawal, they avoid and leave the place where discrimination occurs. Resign Acceptance they choose to carry out normal activities in addition to conflict. They do verbal confrontation to express their disagreement about discrimination. Also against discrimination with physical confrontation, such as throwing something at white people.


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