MIJ provides a forum for students to publish their conceptual thoughts, scientific work reviews, and research results. We bridge the gap between disciplines with three main approaches: the common knowledge family, dialogue between science and religious values, and integrating two different disciplines.

MIJ encourages writers to explore multiple perspectives and integrate knowledge from different disciplines. For example, articles can cover bioinformatics, neuroeconomics, medical physics, Islamic economics, and more. We believe interdisciplinary collaboration can lead to a deeper understanding of complex phenomena.

Articles published in MIJ go through a rigorous selection process by experts in the relevant fields. We pay special attention to the academic quality and originality of the research submitted. Writers are also encouraged to integrate religious values in their thoughts and findings, opening the door for holistic and multidimensional understanding.

MIJ invites students from various disciplines to share their research, conceptual thinking, and review of scientific work at MIJ. Thus, we hope this journal can become a dynamic forum for exchanging ideas, collaborating, and developing knowledge among students to advance human civilization.